Both companies complement each other ideally


The South German special machine manufacturer Bausch+Ströbel extends its product range in filling and packaging machines by fully automatic, high-precision inspection machines for leak testing, visual inspection and spectroscopic systems. In December 2012 the purchase of Wilco AG was finalized at their headquarters in Wohlen in the Swiss canton Aargau. Both Wilco founder and President Martin Lehmann as well as Siegfried Bullinger and Markus Ströbel, managing partners of Bausch+Ströbel, are confident that the two companies will complement each other ideally.

For 45 years Bausch+Ströbel has been producing machines and production lines for the industrial processing of pharmaceuticals in liquid and powder form. These range from semi-automatic laboratory machines to fully automatic stand-alone machines to highly complex production lines processing containers such as vials, bottles, syringes, ampoules or cartridges. The individual work steps include unpacking the containers, cleaning and sterilizing them, filling, closing, inspecting and labeling them.
With Wilco AG, an unparalleled expert for leak testing and quality control now belongs to Bausch+Ströbel. An innovative team of highly specialized scientists and engineers at Wilco AG constantly develops new technologies and integrates them into fully automatic packaging lines and systems. The complex filling and packaging lines made by Bausch+Ströbel now also profit from this technology. Wilco AG has a wide range of testing units for various branches such as the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and packaging industries. These high-precision equipment and machines can be used in laboratories or equally in fully automatic production lines with an output of up to 1500 containers per minute. The company holds a number of international patents for systems for a wide variety of applications.
"With the combined know-how from both companies we see opportunities resulting from the cooperation in research, development and in marketing," said Siegfried Bullinger and Markus Ströbel. Contact between the two companies existed already. Martin Lehmann, who founded Wilco AG in 1971, has the same point of view. The future of the company and its 110 employees were his main concern when finding a new owner for Wilco AG. He is sure to have made the right decision with Bausch+Ströbel which is also a family-run business. The company philosophies are very similar. Martin Lehmann will remain CEO of Wilco AG. He sees an advantage in that both companies profit from each other at all levels and the product ranges of both firms complement each other very well.

Flowers and a present on the first day at work - Bausch + Ströbel welcomes the 1000th employee


"Become our 1000th employee!" was the slogan advertising vacancies at Bausch + Ströbel at the international trade fair this year. Finally on September 3rd Holger Schmidt was welcomed as the 1000th employee at the special machine manufacturer Bausch + Ströbel. A further 54 colleagues started on the same day, 41 of them were new trainees. Bausch + Ströbel now has a total of 1020 employees.

A personal welcome by the boss on the first day of work along with a bouquet of flowers and a present is anything but commonplace. And yet Holger Schmidt was the delighted recipient on September 3rd. The 26-year-old is no stranger to Bausch + Ströbel: he did his training here as a mechatronics technician and then worked for several years in the installation and programming of machines. When he started as a trainee in 2003, the company had about 770 employees.
In 2010 the young man wanted to try out something different. He headed back to Stuttgart, where he had already done his community service. There he attended the technical college and wrote his thesis at the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, where he was involved in something quite different from packaging machines. He worked on a research project on stents, implants that prevent vascular collapse. "The Fraunhofer Institute is doing research on new stents equipped with sensors", Holger Schmidt explained. In a certain percentage of patients the arteries became restricted again despite the stent. The use of sensors should enable patients to determine whether there is a danger of arteries closing again using a diagnostic device. "For my paper, I concentrated on building a test set-up to simulate the situation inside the human body as closely as possible", said Holger Schmidt.
Dipping into research had been very interesting but he tended more towards machine manufacture, the young man said. He had applied for jobs in several companies but he had hoped to return to Bausch + Ströbel. "I am delighted that it worked out", he beamed. The first day had presented a few small obstacles, for instance finding the way from the car park to his workplace as the big new building hadn't been there when he left two years ago.

"Let's have a party here before the building is full of machines!"


This idea occurred to Bausch+Ströbel employees when they were able to take a look at the spacious new building. A few folding tables with benches, drinks and good food - that was the original plan. But that's the way it is with Bausch+Ströbel employees, explained managing director Siegfried Bullinger with a smile as he surveyed the festive decorations for the party, "When you give them a job, they always exceed expectations".

All B+S employees and pensioners were invited with their partners and in fact instead of benches, festively decorated round tables were provided for the more than 1500 guests. There was also a stage, live music and entertainment.
The guests were greeted in the future dispatch area with a glass of sparkling wine and finger food before the doors to the "banquet hall" were opened. Ulli Diehr from the local radio station was the master of ceremonies for the evening. He called the two directors, Markus Ströbel and Siegfried Bullinger, as well as the chairman of the Works Council Björn Uhlig onto the podium for an interview on the future of the company. The B+S choir and the B+S band received a good round of applause. Both had been founded at the beginning of the year especially for this event and performed for the very first time. "Of course we hope that enough singers keep going so that we can carry on in the Autumn", said Michael Pratz, the choirmaster. As a musical surprise, no one less than Elvis Presley (alias Olav Wischulke) put in an appearance and livened up the party with several songs. The trainees had set up a stand where every colleague could mint his or her own inauguration coin. And in the dispatch area there was an opportunity to take a few shots against the basketball players from the Crailsheim Merlins team. The Silvio Dalla Brida Band played both during dinner and afterwards. As usual, the Flair Park-Hotel Ilshofen provided the catering - the buffet left nothing to be desired: starters, several delicious main courses and a range of creative desserts. In the late evening the cocktail bar opened in the dispatch area - and the party went on here until the early hours.
The new assembly building has passed its first test. Soon filling and packaging machines will be assembled here. The first departments can move into the new building shortly. However it will take a while until all the new rooms are finished and in use - apart from machine assembly, the building also houses the dispatch area, warehouse, offices, the company restaurant with a rooftop terrace as well as meeting and seminar rooms. Then the building will be inaugurated officially.

Bausch+Ströbel looks back at the Achema 2012 with satisfaction


Considerably more visitors than at the last Achema three years ago, praise from all sides for the attractive and open-planned stand and not to forget orders amounting to 8 million Euros finalized by contracts signed at the exhibition: the special machine manufacturer Bausch+Ströbel from Ilshofen can look back at the Achema 2012 in Frankfurt with great satisfaction.

About 30 percent more visitors from abroad compared with 3 years ago and also a noticeable increase in German-speaking visitors came to take a close look at the new developments exhibited. These included high-capacity vial, ampoule and syringe processing lines as well as a highly versatile labeling center capable of printing blank labels completely and applying them straight away to the containers. Not only were technical queries answered during the tour through the stand, but also specific projects were often the topic of the talks. And several intensive preliminary discussions led to contracts signed at the Trade Fair – in all orders amounting to 8 million Euros were placed.
The Bausch+Ströbel exhibition team were as busy coping with the constant flow of visitors as the two chefs from the Flair Park-Hotel Ilshofen, who were responsible for the catering. The 600 hand-made pasta squares ran out much faster than expected and 200 more had to be made. By the end of the fair the two young chefs had cooked 1500 meals in the tiny kitchen, including delicacies such as veal olives and home made sacchetini with truffles, all served decoratively.
The mutual presentation this year by the Excellence United members - which includes Bausch+Ströbel - was also received positively. Their stands were all located in close proximity in the "Excellence United Pavilion". This cooperation of independent special machine manufacturers (the members are Bausch+Ströbel, Fette Compacting, Glatt, Harro Höfliger, Uhlmann and VisioTec) made its first appearance at the Interpack in Düsseldorf last year and now only one year later was already able to present joint projects. A mutual product on offer to the customers is also available already: a sophisticated, ready-to-launch remote service system that provides extensive options while maintaining the highest data security standards. This product was presented at each stand and all the stands were linked with a network. The customers responded very positively to this system.
The customer evening events were also popular. Every exhibition day was rounded off at a different Excellence United stand. Bausch+Ströbel organized an evening under the motto "Hohenlohe - a region of living culture" during which a delegation from our local District Council led by Gerhard Bauer was welcomed.