Extraordinary cornerstone: The first machine laid as foundation stone for the new company building


For the largest construction project in over 40 years of company history, the Southern German manufacturers of special machinery, Bausch + Ströbel, laid a most unusual, deeply symbolic foundation stone in the presence of over 100 guests.
It is not just a simple industrial building which is currently under construction at the headquarters in Ilshofen, but an appealingly designed three-part building complex which comprises an assembly shop, a spacious order-picking warehouse, adjoining rooms for seminars and meetings with customers, and a cafeteria catering for 200 staff members, guests, or seminar participants. The eye-catcher of the new building will certainly be the skylight roof and the roof terrace planned above the cafeteria. The new building will extend the storage, office and production floor space by about 13 000 square meters. The company is investing approx. 20 million Euros. The building is expected to be ready for occupancy in the middle of 2012.
The Managing Partner Siegfried Bullinger surprised the guests with a special foundation stone, a glass cube. This was a foundation stone in two respects: firstly it was actually embedded in the foundation of the new assembly shop - together with a time capsule containing up-to-date artefacts such as newspapers, current coins, the company's image brochure and customer magazine. Secondly its contents actually represent the foundation for the later rapid growth of Bausch + Ströbel: the first machine built by Bausch + Ströbel. It is an ampoule filling and sealing machine type AFV 2001 built in 1965, which was used by various companies for over 44 years. The founding partners Rolf Ströbel and Siegfried Bullinger had designed and built it at the beginning of their self-employment. They manufactured all the parts, assembled the machine, painted and tested it. And finally they fitted the very first name plate with the machine number 2709. "We did not want to reveal ourselves as newcomers on the market by using the number 1 and so we just used the date of delivery" Siegfried Bullinger said with a smile. The machine became a bestseller and was built and sold 150 times in total.
In the meantime the Bausch + Ströbel machines have become much more complex, 11 500 left the Ilshofen plant since the company was founded. Among the guests were Gerhard Bauer, Head of the District Council and Ilshofen's mayor Roland Wurmthaler who both made congratulatory speeches. The work council chairman Björn Uhlig expressed the pleasure of the employees about the new building as well as about the commitment to the Ilshofen location - and, with a twinkle in his eye, he said the staff was already looking forward to the inauguration party in 2012.
In the next speech, Frank Berner, Managing Director of the architectural firm kab gave details about the new building.

Complete solutions from a single source - Bausch+Ströbel and SKAN sign cooperation contract


Now that the contract has been signed during the Interpack in Düsseldorf it can be announced officially: the special machine manufacturer Bausch+Ströbel and the isolator technology specialist SKAN will be working together closely in the future in the sectors development, manufacture and marketing of aseptic and aseptic/toxic filling lines in isolators. The contract has been signed by Thomas Huber and Volker Sigwarth for SKAN, and Markus Ströbel and Siegfried Bullinger, managing directors of Bausch+Ströbel. The cooperation partners are convinced that "With this cooperation our customers profit from the pooled knowledge of both our companies".

Bausch+Ströbel is a global leader in the manufacturing of special machines for the pharmaceutical industry. The company designs and manufactures filling and packaging lines for medicines in liquid and powder form.
The Swiss company SKAN is also a renowned name in the pharmaceutical industry:
SKAN is the world's largest technology leader and supplier of isolator technology for pharmaceutical aseptic and aseptic/toxic production and quality control.

Equipping a filling machine with an isolator permits the former to be decontaminated in advance and provides maximum protection of the critical area of the filling and packaging process from contamination by people and the environment.
Until now, pharmaceutical manufacturers have had to turn to several companies to purchase isolated filling lines for aseptic production and handling of toxic products. The machine manufacturer was responsible for the filling line itself and a further specialist for the highly technical isolator. Responsibility for the project and coordination of the individual manufacturers was agreed from project to project according to the customer's preferences: depending on the volume of the project either the customer himself, a contractor or one of the manufacturers took on the overall project coordination. Another alternative was that the manufacturers joined forces for the current project.
This last version is being developed further by the cooperation contract between Bausch+Ströbel and SKAN who are now supplying isolated aseptic and aseptic/toxic filling lines as complete solutions.
The advantages of this one-stop project management are convincing: firstly the customer receives an integral technical solution developed cooperatively to meet the customer's requirements. Secondly the customer profits from the low degree of coordination required during the individual project. Once the line is in production, proficient support is provided for service and maintenance of the isolated filling line as a whole.

The cooperation contract does not stipulate exclusive rights. "Each partner is free to cooperate with other companies if a customer prefers a different isolator/filling machine combination, for instance if he already uses other filling machines or isolators", Thomas Huber from SKAN explained. "However, I am sure that customers will soon see the advantages of our cooperation and will make the most of it", Markus Ströbel from Bausch+Ströbel added.

Excellence United - First-class technology for the entire production value-added chain in the pharmaceuticals medical technology and process industries


Excellence United is a strategic alliance of companies in the area of special machine engineering. All members are independent, medium-sized family companies and each one plays an acknowledged leading technical role in the respective segment of the market. This is expressed by the name "Excellence United". Together, the members of the alliance cover all of the stages of the production value-added chain for customers representing the pharmaceutical, medical technology and process industries, for whom Excellence United offers a unique network in terms of know-how, technology, service and Project Management - worldwide.

In turnkey projects, for example, customers thus benefit from coordinated processes, modern operating concepts and comprehensive documentation safeguarding maximum planning and production reliability. Thanks to common utilization of resources, customers have access to an extensive and unique international service network with 600 employees. The companies in Excellence United employ more than 4,800 people in total and achieve sales in excess of 800 million Euro.

The members of the alliance are: Bausch+Ströbel, Fette Compacting, Glatt, Harro Höfliger, Uhlmann and Visiotec.

Excellence United - Special machine engineering companies establish a strategic alliance for the pharmaceuticals, medical technology and process industries


Companies represent technological leaders in their respective markets. Turnkey projects cover all stages of the value-added chain. International service network with more than 600 employees.

Düsseldorf, May 12, 2011 - The pharmaceutical industry is currently undergoing a comprehensive transformation process. While health systems in established markets are subject to enormous pressure on costs, so-called "Pharmerging Markets" are experiencing impressive growth. This development faces pharmaceutical companies with a wealth of challenges while revealing numerous opportunities for suppliers of production technology. Driven by these developments, six leading technological companies representing special machine engineering established a strategic alliance in April 2011.

The members of Excellence United are: Bausch+Ströbel, Fette Compacting, Glatt, Harro Höfliger, Uhlmann and Visiotec. Their joint offering is specifically aligned toward companies in the pharmaceuticals, medical technology and process industries, and covers all of the phases of the value-added chain: from laboratory equipment through manufacture of clinical samples and medication production to machines for end packaging.

"Our aim is to take advantage of our joint offerings to significantly improve the productivity and efficiency of our customers' production, development and packaging processes", is how Siegfried Drost, CEO at Uhlmann and spokesperson of Excellence United, explains the alliance's objectives. The impulse for cooperation by these companies was given by the market: "Over the past few years, we've practically been passing each other the baton in numerous equipment projects involving operators pursuing a best-in-class approach. By bundling our competencies, we can now offer customers this performance from a single source. They in turn benefit from improved Interface Management, comprehensive documentation and on-site support."

Collaboration in the Excellence United alliance commenced with establishment of joint project teams in January 2011. The corporate objective of the alliance is to implement up to 25 percent of all projects in cooperation with other member companies over the medium term.